Dews From Heaven was a project started by Kim Berkey and Karen Spencer in October 2013. Both of us were studying passages of scripture which expounded priesthood in various ways (origin, purpose, lineage, covenant, and so on). We decided that it was a delightful idea to study these together. Our focus and methods were similar enough to work well together, but different enough to give each other plenty of fresh¬†insight. Plus, Kim is just a whole lot more rigorous than I am, which was good for me. ūüôā Since we were living in different states at the time we opted to study via this blog format.

Later on we invited our friends Jenny Webb and Candice Wendt to study along with us. We’ve had many, many productive conversations connecting one scripture with another, or studying a theme throughout scripture, or trying to riddle out just one grammatical question (Alma 13!). It’s been great and very uplifting.

However, life gets busy. We’re all mothers of small children. They need breakfast and help with homework. Our families go through changes and stresses from time to time. We’ve managed that alright, but this summer two of us have moved significant distances, and another is starting graduate school this fall. With those major life changes, on top of other things already keeping us busy, we’ve decided to put the blog project on hold for a time.

All of us are interested in continuing the project in the future. But for now, it sits as a record and archive of the many insights we had along the way. We’re happy to have them accessible whenever we’re pondering something we’ve discussed before. Perhaps among the hours and hours of thought and comments included here you will find something¬†useful too.

Thanks for stopping by. And may your own studies be fruitful too!

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